Digalogue is what happens when two photographers bent on world domination join forces. In all seriousness Digalogue is a collaboration between photographers Angelia Lane and Michael J Murray. We are based in New York City and are bringing our zaniness to the internets. We are  ardent image makers, using both film and digital technologies to bring our artistic visions to fruition. Digalogue will endeavor to be a resource for inspiration, education, and just plain fun.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. your mom sent me the link. this is a very interesting web page and sounds like you both are getting around NYC and sharing your insights about the city and how to capture it on film. Good luck.

  2. Great job folks finally got hi speed internet and could enjoy it. Keep up the good work. I am realy impressed I actually understood some of the images.

  3. This is Rachel from MAC Group USA. We are interested in putting you on our Press List. Would you like to be on it?

    Thank You.

    • There are a few brands that work really well. If you are looking for pre-cut sheets, then I suggest Inkpress Clear Film. It’s important not to confuse Clear Film with Transparency Media, as the later has a micro porous coating that will not release the ink. InkAid also sells a clear film in sheets and rolls. You can order these directly from their online store. Sihl and Intelicoat also manufacture Clear Film in rolls up to 60″.

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