Adventures in Screen Printing

One of my favorite things about this time of year is that I finally get a chance to execute some long awaited experiments. As many of you are aware, I obsessed with putting my images on things. I love the transmutations that occur between image and substrate, and between the image, the vehicle, and the substrate. So, for a long time now I have wanted to see what my images would look like if I screen printed them, and how they would look on the the various substrates I work with most often. Now mind you, I watched a friend of mine burn a screen like 10 years ago, and up till now thats about all I knew about screen printing. I just know that I’ve always loved screen prints, and I love the versatility of the process. So, I like the jump head first approach to things. I bought a book, bought some supplies, watched numerous you tube videos, printed half tones, burned screens, washed screens, watched emulsion peel off the screens, blew my half tones out rinsing screens, totally effed up a couple screens, pulled my hair out, cursed a lot, ruined the shower, scared the cat… So, thing is, burning half tones is hard.. Burning half tones with a piece of crap work light from Home Depot is even harder. I realize that as I’m able to invest in proper equipment, or even build a a half way decent exposure unit my results will dramatically improve. I am, however, happy to report that I finally burned a couple ok screens, at least good enough that I can finally feel better about moving forward. So here are the original images that I used in my little experiment.

Stitched Panorama John Hancock Building

So what I was really curious about was how this would look as half tone screen prints onto the substrates I commonly use. So here is the first iteration.

Gold Anodized Aluminum Mill Finish Aluminum Worked with Orbital Sander Gessoed Maple Panel Dibond Gold Anodized Aluminu Paper Arches 88 Wood Panel

I’m really happy with how these came out. I think I might take a screen printing class now!

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