Eco-Conscious Pigment Transfers

My main go-to substrate for Pigment Transfers has always been Birch or Pine plywood. They are both equally easy to work with, bend to my will, plus they are fairly inexpensive. A big plus for a starving artist. The caveat is the feeling in the pit of my stomach when I go to the local lumber yard. Every time I go to get more wood, my imagination reels with images of whole forests being leveled day after day every day. Needless to say I leave feeling a bit guilty.  I reasoned that there had to be an alternative and more eco-friendly substrate that I could use in place of conventional plywood. After about 5 minutes on Goolgle I found a company called Cali Bamboo. They make and sell among other things, Bamboo Plywood. What’s even better is that I can make my entire panel; the sides, the top, everything! There are different thicknesses and finishes, and it works beautifully. After doing a bit of research I reached out to one of their sales associates, Eric, to request some samples. A few days later the samples arrived and what follows are my results.