Surveillance Art

This post is food for thought.

Yesterday I was sitting in Rena Leinberger‘s Design: Color class and the project the students must complete is titled: Image Interpretation: Under Surveillance.  I acknowledge the existence of surveillance but didn’t put much thought into it, since  they are in all retail/convenience stores, subways, airports, bridges and highways.  The list goes on. Apparently, in London an individual can be recorded up to 700 times a day on surveillance and in New York City up to 200 times a day if not more. This brings up an interesting topic of whether this is an invasion of privacy or does it further provide comfort knowing that everything is recorded.   Apparently, in Long Island they are using google maps to find individuals who are not paying their taxes on their pools!  Is this wrong?  This then made me think about how many images am I in and who is watching me at any given moment?

Rena showed a few artists and I thought I would share them with you since they are thought-provoking.

Jill Magid– make sure to check out her other related work. The high heel surveillance camera reminded me of Times Sq. for some reason.  Everyone has a camera and video camera there.

Surveillance Camera Players– This was quite brilliant.  Just watch.

William Betts– An acrylic painter

Oh and if you are thinking you need some Surveillance equipment, B&H Photo has more options than I can explain.

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