New work and works in progress!

Well, I have only 9 more days and let’s just say I am trying to crank out as much artwork as I can without rushing it.  Slow and steady is my philosophy. I suppose watercolor doesn’t really allow for anything but that.  Surprises have been appearing in my artwork and an evolution of some sorts. I like it.  Swimming and kayaking really help keep the creative flow going. Also seeing old friends and eating Milano Cookies has helped!

Tomorrow night I meet with the Senior Art students, chatting one on one about their artwork.  I am really excited to hear their ideas and see what they are working on. Should be fun. Hopefully, I will be almost finished with my fourth large painting by the end of tomorrow.  Busy week.  Thursday I head to DC to visit a friend, see Sue Johnson’s art show at Washington Project for the Arts as well as see the wonderful art museums!  Should be fun!

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