New Work!!

My talk at the Boyden Gallery was today!  The presentation went extremely well and students told me they enjoyed it.  I have to admit, it was very refreshing to see the chronological order of my work. The ability to reflect on old ideas and new ideas and meet in between is so very important.  I am excited to see what comes out of me the next few weeks I have left here.  I am so thankful the faculty and students have been so warm and welcoming.  Apparently, my talk information appeared in the Washington Post.  A few lovely ladies from DC came! Today the writer, Alicia Shandra Holmes, arrived. Great to finally have someone else in the large house with me.  I think her and I are going to go kayaking soon! 

2 thoughts on “New Work!!

  1. Congrats on your talk today! I love your new work, it’s nice to see some night time drawings in Red Hook! I especially like the pinhole shot of you reading one of my all time favorite books, Put me in the Zoo!
    Keep up the prolific times!

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