Artist Residency New Paintings

Currently, I am back in my home town, St.Mary’s, Maryland completing an artist residency.  First thing I noticed upon my return was how much everything changed.  Not only the county but also St. Mary’s College. There is now a Marshalls, Famous Footwear, and a Super Walmart (yuck.) Not only are there the big box shops, there are also banners everywhere. Visual overload on signage.  This also includes evacuation route signs as well.  I am not sure what I am supposed to evacuate for, but I suppose if the time comes, I have the signs to point me out of harms way.

The Artist House is fantastic.  Since it is associated with St. Mary’s College, I get all the perks of college.  They have a state of the art swimming pool, so you guessed it.  I am swimming every day. They also have scanners at my service, hence how I am able to display my daily ink drawings here on this blog. I have all these new ideas! My new painting currently has an elephant emerging! I hope to finish that tomorrow or Sunday.

I have giving a talk on Tuesday September 8th at 4:15 p.m. in the Boyden Gallery.  I am almost prepared.  Still editing my slides.  I didn’t realize I have been so productive over the last 4 1/2 years.

Hope you enjoy my works in progress.

One thought on “Artist Residency New Paintings

  1. Angelia, I love seeing your work…so personal, observant, whimsical and insightful! I do see by your venetian blind drawing that we were, perhaps, channeling a bit. It’s just beautifully observed. It’s such a great opportunity you have at the Residency.

    I like you new(?) profile pic on Facebook too.

    I’m gonna be in Nashua and Yellowstone for B&H this month.
    …sold a print from my show here at ZGM to a collector from California…and building the Real Estate business, slowly.

    Hope to see you soon, and all the best for continued growth and productivity!


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