Exhibitions that are a must see!

Don’t wait! Hurry now to the George Eastman house in Rochester to see the current exhibitions! I recommend the Orchard Park series by Andy Lock, which ends April 26, 2009. So only one more weekend to visit. When I walked into the dark room uncertainty of what was to be experienced settled in. I looked around the gallery to see these green painterly and illuminative images depicting a room with a very particular window. At times the window was shown in its entirety, other times it was the light from the window shining onto the walls. Some images had lone objects such as a chair or mattress. A sense of abandonment seems present, but the light shines so brightly giving a sense of warmth even though the forensic green conflicts. The process in which these images are produced tap into memory, making one wonder perhaps about the memories within the spaces photographed. This show is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time, so I really do recommend.

Also the TruthBeauty: Pictorialism and the Photograph as Art, 1845-1945 exhibit at the Eastman House is quite phenomenal. The autochrome images were my favorite within the show! I wish I could do this process! Who would have known a potato could make color photographs.

The next exhibit I recommend is the Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard at the Metropolitan Museum. This show is running until May 25th. Apparently Walker Evans collected over 9,000 postcards starting from his childhood continuing for more than 60 years. This exhibit was highly informational giving interesting facts about postcard history, but also insight on another way for us to interpret Walker Evans photographs. What he seemed to like about the postcards was this simplicity in the ordinary, which is demonstrated within his own pieces. Walker Evans was quirky classifying his postcards into Summer, Hotels, American Architecture, Automobiles, Outdoor pleasures, State capitols and well the list goes on. Since I live in NYC one fact I learned was that in 1905 The Saturday Evening Post had stated that over 250,000 postcards were mailed from Coney Island! Who would have known!

This Friday April 24, 2009 I will be checking out Isaac Stackell, a friend, Alternate Visions show at SMP Digital Graphics Gallery 135 West 20th Street NYC. The show ends April 30, 2009.


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