Coney Island Horizon


As Michael and I ventured through Coney Island all I thought about were the memories this place provided for so many generations of locals and tourists. Coney represented a past that so many were trying to recapture every spring and summer. In just the short amount of time I have experienced Coney, many changes have occurred.  Buildings are now being knocked down, construction vehicles, materials and fences surround the perimeters. On this particular trip to Coney Island I brought the Horizon, a 35mm toy panoramic camera.  This is my first time experimenting with the panoramic format and my very first roll from the Horizon.  The first trick to this camera is loading the film in right.  The next tip, is to keep your hands out from the sides as the lens sweeps around and the third tip is to be gentle while rewinding or you may snap the film in half. Once you get over these hurdles, the camera reveals some amazing surprises.  Don’t you worry, I have more images coming from the Horizon.  The next roll will be color.  Hopefully, I will have something great images to share.  I hope you enjoy these few images. 



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