Adventures in Green Screen with the Canon 5D Mark 2 Part 2. The Video Shoot.

Angelia and I where trying to think of a clever project to test out the Datavideo CLK-100 rig with the Video function on the Canon 5D MK2. We decided to have some friends over to my flat in Brooklyn for a Motion Portrait Party. The project was to be an Ipod style music video. But we also let out hair down and had a little fun. Our good friend Matt Hill was kind enough to take some really amazing images of the nights frivolity. Again, The combination of the Zacuto Rig, Lowel Lights, and the Datavideo System made for a very easy set up, shoot, and easy post production.

My Lighting for this was pretty simple. I used Lowel Rifa 88 with Fabric Grid and the main light at camera left. I used a Lowel Rifa 66 with Fabric Grid behind the subjects as a backlight. I positioned this light slightly camera left, behind, and above the heads of the subjects. I used the Primatte tool in Apple Motion to eliminate the background. I also used Motion to create the background graphics. After I had run all the clips through Motion, I used Final Cut Pro to assemble and edit the footage. Below is a look at keying one of the outtakes in Motion.

Apple Motion

Apple Motion

After making a few adjustments with the various tools for keying, you can achieve very reasonable results

After making a few adjustments with the various tools for keying, you can achieve very reasonable results

Here is the video.

He are a couple other fun outtakes.

As I said before, I was only able to use the video function of the 5D MK2 at 640 X 480 resolution. 1080p is a little much for my single processor G5 (don’t laugh) to handle. But still, the quality is pretty amazing. Also, I am not a video person per say. I have used Final Cut Pro a handful of times, and this is the first time I’ve done Chromakey with video. All in all I’m very happy with the results. I’m still in awe of how easy this whole process was. I did a very simple lighting set up for my subjects, and didn’t have to worry about lighting a Chromakey background precisely. Once I captured the footage it was a breeze to load into my computer and import into the various applications I had to use. You know, it was just plain fun. I can only imagine how things would be with a faster computer, updated software, and more time to really spend with it. Here is the end result of the nights endeavors. A music video in the tradition of the Ipod commercials we know and love. Enjoy!

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