APW Gallery Opening and Armory Show

World of Imagination Vol.@

APW Gallery Opening of World of Imagination Vol.2 was a blast, partially because my watercolors were on the wall and mostly because a lot of good friends came out to see them.  There was some amazing art on the wall. You can check out APW Gallery’s Blog to see more pictures, but below you can see the fun festivites. I want to thank all my friends for coming and everyone else who stopped in to see all the awesome artwork.  There were some photo canvas pieces on the wall! Unfortunately, I did not catch any photos of them. Overall, very clever 12″x 12″ artwork. If you didn’t have a chance to stop in on Friday, the show is up until March 29, 2009.  

Armory Show

A few quick notes on the Armory Show this weekend, which I have to say was quite the overload of images.  Here are some photographers that caught my eye.

John Neff

Basic or Boring Pictures

Basic or Boring Pictures

Barbara Astman

Barbara Astman's work

Barbara Astman's work




Joao Penalva




Susan Hiller



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