Krappy Kamera Soho Photo Gallery Opening!

Yahoo!  What a nice turn out at the Krappy Kamera Opening at the Soho Photo Gallery Opening.  

As you know Michael and I are very avid toy camera shooters and it was great to see walls filled with holga, diana and pinhole images.  There were a lot of images that caught my eye.  To view the winning images take a peek here.

The first place winner Nina Buesing Corvallo Ferro I was absolutely beautiful.  Very mystical and symbolic.  Good job Nina.

May Perkins Benton’s Pods was a colorful floral image, showing the hazy color that can occur within toy cameras.

Gabriel Biderman’s Terminal 1 piece was timeless: a very unexpected piece of his to see on the wall.

Michele Newman’s Holga image, Paper Face, was fragile/ delicate, reminding me of an egg, or perhaps even a 1920s silent film.

I absolutely loved Jamie Tucker’s Prayer Tablets!!! There was a slight scratch, which did not bother me. This image was very contrasty, with the light hitting the tablets in just the right way. Really demonstrates what the Diana + is capable of doing. 

Lastly, one fun image I saw was Stephanie de Rouge’s Shoe Obsession, created using the Holga.  Clear example of what can happen if you don’t wind the film all the way, or put it on the 16 image setting when it is supposed to be on the 12. Nonetheless, the image demonstrates Brooklyn New York to the T.  Everyone has witnessed the motion and “shoe obsession” when in NYC.

If you have a chance, hop over to Soho Photo Gallery at 15 White St. Soho NYC.  I promise you will have fun, you will want to go shooting immediately, so you can enter the contest next year.  I know that is true for myself and many of my friends.

3 thoughts on “Krappy Kamera Soho Photo Gallery Opening!

  1. Hello

    Love your blog!
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    Pinhole Litter Project

    Instructions for Photographers

    1. You go for a walk.
    2. You take a digital photograph of a discarded drinks can in situ.
    3. You pick up the drinks can and make a note of the location where you find it.
    4. You convert the drinks can into a pinhole camera.
    5. You return to the place you found the drinks can.
    6. You place the drinks can on the spot you found it.
    7. To take the photograph, you lift up the black tape. Do not touch the camera for 5 seconds (if sunny) or 1 minute (if overcast).
    8. You close down the black tape.
    9. You develop the image.
    10. You download the participant form from
    11. You post the developed image and completed participant form to Jamie.
    12. You email the digital photograph (step 2.) to Jamie.
    13. Jamie will then display the images on the internet. Selected images will appear in a book.
    14. Jamie will recycle the drinks can.

    Contact: Pinhole Litter Project, 1 Oxford Villas, St. Stephen’s, Saltash, Cornwall, PL12 4AP, UK or

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