WPPI Hot Items!

Now that WPPI has come and gone, I thought I would do a quick synopsis on what was hot during the event.

1. You probably guessed it the most wanted item was the Canon 5D Mark II, but even hotter was the Canon LP-E6 Rechargeable battery for the precious new camera.  The battery just does not stay in stock!

2. JB and Deette Sallee were speaking which drew in tons of questions and inqueries about the Lowell ID light powered by a Bescor battery pack.  Some accessories that were popular were the 4 way barndoors, filters, snoot and handle

3.  David Ziser loves the Quantum Qflash T5D with Turbo 2×2 Battery

4. PocketWizard’s new products: MiniTT1 Canon and FlexTT5 Canon

5. Smith Victor On Camera Video light kits.

6. Canon Powershot G10 still one of the top point and shoots among professionals

7.  There were great deals on Lexar and Sandisk high performance memory cards

8.  Nikon D700

9. Tamron lenses 14mm and 90 macro lenses

10. Nikon and Canon lenses of course

11. Sekonic L-358 light meter 

12. Frezzolini professional camcorder on camera lighting

13. Litepanels LPMICRO Micro LED on camera light

14. Flash accessories such as Honl, Gary Fong, Lumiquest

15. Bags: Kata, Tamrac, Tenba, Lowepro

Look for Michael’s up and coming blogs with in depth information and examples of some of these products!!!

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