NYC Photo Openings

The Thursday windy, chilly night blew a good friend and I into Chelsea to view the hottest and latest craze hanging on the walls of galleries! The streets had art lovers briskly walking with much anticipation to get to their gallery of choice.  The night prior I had checked for  photography openings/receptions taking place.  The three galleries explored were Massimo Audiello featuring Alison Brady with An Uncertain Nature, Caire Oliver showcasing Janet Biggs’ Vanishing Point and my ultimate favorite P.P.O.W with Teun Hocks’ New Works.

Alison Brady’s Digital C Prints were  begging the viewer’s attention creating quite an uneasiness and discomfort.  Some images had very vibrant colors, while others were dimly lit with spaghetti as the main focus.  I suggest you see for yourself and come to some of your own conclusions on the ideas being revealed.  Massimo Audiello is located on 526 West 26th street. #519, New York, NY.

Janet Biggs‘ Vanishing Points was quite an interesting show to adventure to as the photographs in the front are a little deceptive as to what is in the back of the gallery.  As you walk into the space she has about 4 large prints of the Utah Salt Fields vanishing into the horizon.  As you keep going further back you come to realize that Janet is actually a video artist. The main project was a juxtaposition of Leslie Porterfield (a very fast motorcycle chic) and the Harlem’s  Addict Rehabilitation Center Gospel Choir.  The clever connections made using the Gospel Choir’s words, which were written by Janet Biggs and the occurrence of Leslie Porterfield riding at 234 mph create ideas suggesting willpower, bravery and concentration. Janet Biggs wrote about her experience on the Claire Oliver blog. I would love for everyone to go see it and let me know what you thought of the piece.  Claire Oliver is located in Chelsea on 513 W. 26th St New York, NY 10001.

Now for the photographer whom I absolutely loved: Teun Hocks! As I first walked into P.P.O.W. there was a little drawing animation to the left. It was short, maybe about 2 minutes demonstrating a man holding a banner. I immediately thought of how this was created and thought back to William Kentridge. A sample of William Kentridge’s work is on youtube. Basically, the animation is created by filming a drawing, erasing and making slight changes and filming again.  This is repeated many many times.  Each shot ranges from 1/4 of a second to 2 seconds.  This can also be done by taking still photographs each time a change is made and inputting into Flash, Quicktime, Final cut pro, imovie and or Adobe premiere to create the animation.  I have always been interested in process and this requires many .  The finished product is very dramatic and unique using the mark making of the drawer.  The erase marks create an urgency and an action.  Now, with the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D90, stills and video can be captured!  I have to get my hands on the Canon 5D Mark II and experiment.

Teun Hocks displays other processes in his large photographs which are constructed scenes within his studio and photographed using gelatin silver print as final output.  He then uses transparent oil paint to color the photograph.  How can you not love Teun Hocks!  He combines two of my favorite processes to display the struggle man endures within life.  

Not only did he have these amazing constructed photographs, animation, he also had this slightly humorous video of himself crawling out of a hole much like a doggie house with a projection or even maybe painted doggie surrounding the hole.  A literal translation of a man in the dog house!!! I suppose there are other connections to be made there with dog as man’s best friend, man as animal etc… 

All in all GO SEE TEUN HOCKS at P.P.O.W!!!! I am taking Michael to see it today!


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